UMBI Keychain PARIS.
UMBI Keychain PARIS.
UMBI Keychain PARIS.

UMBI Keychain PARIS.

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Symbol of nobility, generosity and self-confidence.

Favored by those who take the purity of white,

Blend it into the warmth of brown,

Mirror the radiance upon their soul and surrounding…

For those who move by intuition.

And who always have their head up high…

On the move, in a museum, shopping!

When busy running errands,

Or at a break enjoying a simple croissant and coffee!


Enjoy every moment with hands free

Set your hands and spirit free with UMBI!


Add color to your style by attaching your UMBI keychain to your bag or to your UMBI!  Leave your home light & bright with easy access to your keys!

UMBI Keychain is also a great gift for those who value style in all ends of life. All colors represent spells of different cities and sets of personality characteristics.

 Color: Beige Mink Colored semi-shiny jacquard strap with gold plated accessories

Product Detail:

Length: 10 cm

Width: 2,5 cm

Material: Semi shiny Jacquard strap and GOLD plated accessories

Please Note:

All UMBI products are assembled with love and by hand. There might be minor differences in between products and accessories. Metal parts may lose color when in contact with moisture, alcohol or bleach. Avoid movement for brisk contact between keys and cell phone screen when using your UMBI keychain attached to your UMBI phone strap.