UMBI Items Moon CAPRI. (Only Strap)
UMBI Items Moon CAPRI. (Only Strap)
UMBI Items Moon CAPRI. (Only Strap)
UMBI Items Moon CAPRI. (Only Strap)

UMBI Items Moon CAPRI. (Only Strap)

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Preferred by self-confident, mysterious and mighty souls

A commander-in-charge from outside, a kitten from inside

Ruled by no one and always landing on all four …

Lowers all shields when in love

Pulls all guns when in rage

Will never compromise on family and friends

But also won't let splendor and class pass them by

Sailing in the Mediterranean, skiing in the Alps

Whenever your feet are off the ground!


To live every moment with hands free

Set your hands and spirit free with UMBI! 



Color: Gold

This Phone Strap product comes only as a strap. You would need to add the phone case to your chart separately. The length is adjustable, and it’s got two metallic hooks to attach/unattach at the ends of the cord. The cord that can be worn across the body or around the neck. Strap detaches easily for the case to be used with a different UMBI strap of your choice. Open-face design gives easy access to your screen.

All metals used are made of steel and/or brass with golden or silver lapping. Ready for gifting with sleek packaging.

Chain: Gold filled high-quality Cuban link chain with clasps 

Length: 120cm / 47.24" 

Please note:

All UMBIs are assembled with love and by hand, but an UMBI cannot solely guarantee the integrity of your smartphone! Handle with care and at your own risk. Scratches may occur from split rings and parts may lose color by handling or time. Metal parts may lose color when in contact with moisture, alcohol or bleach. Every product is made by hand therefore may differ from the illustrations.