UMBI is the result of two women who work in corporate tech making it out of their comfort zone.

Both working as senior executives, one from Columbia, the other from Duke, in different companies, came up with the idea early 2019, when in Barcelona for a conference. Each and every accessory they collected from the history-painted artisanal neighborhoods of old Istanbul, where once served as the capital of old Europe and all European commerce.

The idea was brought to them by a magical city, Barcelona. So they wanted to bring vibes of all the magical cities to UMBIstas all around the world.

Our cell phones are our gateway to the rest of the world

And deep into our own private worlds…

Our UMBIlical cords and lifesavers...

And sometimes the reasons why we miss living the moment,

while trying to capture it.

UMBI will set your hands and minds free, each with a spell of a different city!



Contact us at:  info@umbistore.com

Instagram: @UMBIstore